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« Les Tréteaux du Dimanche matin » (Tréteaux means tressles – ie the tables used to display produce). The Sunday morning market is an original concept, which brings a « café-concert » ambience to the village. It is all about renewing the community spirit of the village, reminiscent of the saying « La convivialité, c'est dans l'Aude ! » (The Aude is all about conviviality). This Sunday morning market (Les Tréteaux) is the time when holidaymakers can meet the locals and where conversations can develop further than a simple chat, into a true cultural exchange.

A craft and farmers’ market takes place between 9 and 1 o’clock with a concert and aperitif at 11 o’clock on the upper part of the square next to the bar ‘Verre a Soif’. It is a meeting place for all those who love good humour, music, and like to discover something a little unusual. There is a variety of good farm produce, quality crafts and craftsmanship on display. Here everything and everyone mixes easily to debate, treat themselves to a glass of ‘blanquette’ and revel in the music. Here you can fill your shopping bag and spend quality time with friends. You will also find a bite to eat for your midday meal. The music is totally eclectic, ranging from French songs to rock and sometimes a little Jazz, Latin American music or choral music; music from all around the world.

Conditions for taking part are as follows:

  • The allocated sites are free, but you must reserve a place
  • You must bring your own display equipment – tables, tressles, parasols
  • Arrival time is 8am and you must be ready for 9am
  • The market finishes around 1pm

These Sunday markets take place every fortnight in July and August.