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Michel and Renza Rosier, associated to Alain Collin, founded in 1982 the "Maison Rosier".

It's 32 years that Michel is in charge of the vineyard and the cellar and production of the first Brut in the world.

Nicolas, the son, joined the field in 2010, seconding his father in managing operations.

Renza, who handled accountability and retired one year ago was replaced by Jean Marc Schnell.

We have 2 employees in the vineyard: Sidonio and Silvio.

Michel Laye is responsible for the winery since the retirement of his predecessor in 2012.

We have 3 employees dedicated to the production, bottling, order picking.

And do not forget, they work outdoors all year, braving the cold, the rain, they pamper each vineyard, each row, each strain.

This is our contributors (winemaker) 12 in number, we buy their half of the annual grape production. (Chardonnay, Chenin, Mauzac, pinot noir).