• Cuvée Château de Villelongue
  • Cuvée Château de Villelongue

Cuvée Château de Villelongue

A pale yellow hue, with some hints of silvery green, crystal clear and bright. The bubbles are fine and quick rising. It has a good, sharp nose with flavours of fruits such as apple, pear and peach but infused with discreet hints of flowers from the meadows, baking and cakes against a background of citrus (lemon).

The overall flavour is pleasing, full-bodied and perfumed. It develops subtly with a pleasing freshness. The wine is well balanced but remains dynamic throughout until the long lasting acidulous finale.

Can be kept for up to 2 years. Serving temperature: between 9 and 11°C

Accompaniment: tapas de quenelles noires à l'encre de seiche et saumon fumé ou samoussas au saumon, truite fumée et ciboulette.

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